4 thoughts on “Foursquare. Where’s the revenue model? Here it is!

    […] Foursquare is basically a game. It looks like a conclusion that Foursquare have also reached. Their only revenue at the moment seems to come from selling t-shirts and coasters with mayor […]

    Quora said:
    January 21, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Will Foursquare pursue big brand advertising or seek a self-serve model to grow revenue?…

    They don’t seem to have made up their mind yet! Whilst they have done some campaigns with big brands, it isn’t bringing in revenue: “Some are paid, some are exploratory,” as co-founder Dennis Crowley put it. However last year, Tristan Walker, Foursqu…

    […] say this is an experiment and they are not getting any revenue from it – looks like their revenue model has still not been […]

    […] Foursquare seems to lack a decent revenue model (not that they seem to worried about it), their success with brands has led them to great Pages […]

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