Creative use of QR codes: QR Film Festival

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Whilst I have been somewhat sniffy about brands using QR codes in their marketing (few people know what it is, fewer people can be bothered to scan one), there are one or two good examples of a really creative use of the codes. Here’s one from Korea (a country that does know what a QR code is, and will scan them) – the QR Code Film Festival. Scan the code and it plays a short movie clip or animation.

Note to brands and ad agencies: if you are going to use QR, then do something interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Creative use of QR codes: QR Film Festival

    smart poster said:
    July 28, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Your right Mark is no good just creating a QR Code and directing it to a URL. Your must ensure that what you direct it to adds value for the customer. You are asking them to communicate with you and if they do you must reward them with relevant engaging information.

    […] good example of engagement comes from Korea again. This time is was a short film festival poster. Each artists had a QR code next to their name and photo. Scanning the code presented a short video […]

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